Dancing Pony Pointless?

What a great advert that by now most of us have seen and discussed with our friends, truly going viral!

So why do i think this advert is not appropriate for 3 network?

3 Network operates in mobile networks in the UK selling mobile phones in store aswell which in my opinion is an industry where price is most important along with benefits such as Orange Wednesday’s or O2’s Gig ticket which persuade customers to pay a little more.

This advert raises the brands repuation and gets me talking about it but i will still never be a 3 network customer because they are too expensive and do not offer features that are better than Orange’s or O2’s.

I believe 3 network should be focusing on reducing their prices and promoting special deals to encourage potential customers.

This type of creative advert is great and effectively used by companies such as Cadbury’s chocolate whom are long established organisation operating in an industry dominated by impulse buying. So in the buyer behaviour process when choosing between Cadbury’s and Lindt chocolate i am more likely to choose Cadburys because of their fantastic adverts which make me think of cadburys over Lindt in that split second decesion. My favourite Cadburys’s advert is:


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