Guerrilla Marketing TOP TIPS!


1. Is Guerrilla marketing suitable for your business? Probably not in financial services as repuatation is vital to success and more than likely Guerrilla marketing campaigns by Banks at the moment will evoke a negative response.

2. Be CREATIVE! Your business needs to stand out from the crowd and the purpose of the Guerrilla marketing campaign is to go viral; therefore if it has been done before people will not talk about it. Simple.

3. Focus on what makes your company different and integrate this within the campaign.

4. Do not harass the public, staff will be sent to jail. May have to pay the staff still while in Jail too so please do not. Guerrilla marketing aims to evoke a positive reaction that goes viral so by giving freebies, sponsoring activities e.g. Red Bull sponsoring Felix Baumgartne to jump from Space (see for my favourite examples).

Guerrilla marketing gone WRONG example:

Vodafone, In 2002 Vodafone caused quite a stir when it hired two men to streak across the field during a major Australian rugby match–wearing nothing but the Vodafone logo painted across their backs.

CNN added insult by noting that the stadium is sponsored by Vodafone’s main competitor, Telestra.

The streakers were fined and many fans were upset by the disruption (which potentially caused a game-winning kick to be missed).


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