Seriously Cheesy Advert!

Nolans Cheddar Advert

Humorous advert by Nolan’s Cheddar Cheese commercial (see below). Love the idea and promotes the brands offering to the customer by stating “Seriously Strong” to help differentiate itself from competitors. Moreover the advert emphasizes this point throughout the duration of the advert showing that the advert has been well planned and demonstrated effectively.

My recommendation, is only that this advert was part of an integrated marketing communications (IMC) plan by including a social media campaign with Twitter, Facebook etc. As well as perhaps a fun mobile app by giving the mouse tasks to lift weights for instance to show how ‘Seriously Strong’ the mouse and cheese is! This advert was released in 2010, leaving myself wondering why i do not remember seeing it so maybe so wider publicity would have been beneficial?

3 Networks Pony Advert is part of an IMC plan by encouraging social media and viewers to create their own versions of the advert which has shown great success in that respect as well as encouraging creativity. See my views on why 3 Networks Pony Advert has inappropriate however at A version of the Pony advert created by a viewer is shown below:


What is your opinion?

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