How Do You increase Mobile Advertisement Revenue?

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Mobile Advertisement organisation called ‘Tapjoy’ has found that mobile advertisement revenue increase in seasonal times of the year which marketers can utilize  A recent research study by ‘Tapjoy’ revealed that developers on their network that participated in the research study in the previous three holidays being Christmas, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day saw their revenue increase by as much as 50% compared to the previous 7-day average as shown in figure 1.

Figure 1: Mobile Ad revenue increase at Christmas, Chinese New Year and Valentines Day

‘Tapjoy’ saw Valentine’s Day-focused advertisements on their network on iOS and Android, display an increase in viewers click-through rate and conversion rate as Valentine’s Day approached. However on Valentines Day and post Valentines Day, mobile ad revenue returned to normal levels as people conducted last-minute purchases for their other halves in anticipation for Valentines Day (see figure 2).

Figure 2: Valentines Day Mobile Ad click-through rate

So how does this help marketers?

Well clearly marketers can take advantage of this peak in demand by strategically saving their precious advertising budget to be spent on mobile advertisements a week before a seasonal event to maximize exposure, click-through rate and revenue. Marketers must take into account that Tapjoy’s report does not provide an explanation for the increase in mobile ad revenue. A reasonable suggestion would be that viewers are most likely to be last-minute buyers and acting on impulse when they see the advertisement; this could suggest the price of the product/service is less important. This offers an opportunity for marketers to maximize ad revenue further by taking advantage of customers lack of planning  by increasing price as the customer is in a position with little time to search for cheaper alternatives.

Here are my suggestions to maximize mobile ad revenue:

1. Mobile advertising gives unprecedented options for tracking and testing to find out what works best. ‘Google Adsense‘ is a great tool for tracking visitors time on page, click-through rate and much more. See for more information. Too often marketers do not utilize this data too its full extent.

2. Conduct market segmentation and target each market segment with a tailored value proposition. You need to define a different value proposition for each market segment and incorporate the value proposition into the advertisement accordingly.  For instance, more mature customers may be more responsive to a coupon offer, while younger customers may click on the offer that offers a free level up on a mobile app game? Try it. Also ask yourself (pretending to be a customer) what is in it for me? This usually prompts some questions that need answering. In order to be successful at this, you need know your market and what your customers want; if you do not know, SME’s should revise their business plan or review your organisations strategy, marketing plan.

3. Plan and test designs– there are millions of mobile advertisements competing for each customers attention so competition is extremely tough. Therefore experiment with different designs and ask for your friends/family for their advice. If you are a large organisation that has the luxury to hire experts; peer review should ALWAYS be conducted as it spurs creativity. It is important to note a slight change in design and colors used can have a dramatic effect on your mobile advertisements success.

4. Make the process easy for customers to buy once they have clicked on your advertisement they land on a page on your website usually called the ‘landing environment’. Now you do not want all that hard work to go to waste now, so make your web page design as simple for the user to navigate around and complete their purchase by being hassle free. Do not overload customers with a number of advertisements as you will gain a greater revenue by attempting to complete the transaction.

5. Differentiate your advertisement from others! Competition for customer’s attention is fierce, therefore you need to find away to make yourself stand apart from the crowd. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Price offered
  • Humorous advert etc. (ideas and examples are found on my blog at

In conclusion, Mobile advertisement is an increasingly popular method of advertisement due to technological advancements and more people adopting the technology as the market continues to grow. In my opinion, mobile apps are on the of the fastest growing markets and from my experience within organisations the demand for mobile apps is currently in high demand creating a possible business venture for entrepreneurs. Now to make your advertisements stand out you need to be different. This can be done by Guerrilla marketing as shown in my blog at

View my blog that provides a number a reviews including:  3 networks advert, Nolan’s Cheddar, Guerrilla marketing examples and much more.


Credit to for conducting the report and is a great website providing up to date information on new app releases  Please note this blog is not used for commercial purposes.


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