Digital Marketing- The Minority Report Future?

The Minority Report Movie with Tom Cruise using futuristic TV screen

Digital Marketing is continues to dominate the promotional mix tools and techniques arsenal! What does Digital Marketing include though? Simply, Digital Marketing makes use of electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, digital billboard, game consoles etc. As a result the most popular Digital Marketing techniques are social media, internet marketing and email predominately which utilises technological advancements such as TV, Internet, Radio, Mobile and any other method to reach customers utilising technology. It is now not difficult to imagine being able to receive emails through our own glasses- queue launch of ‘Google Glasses’ allowing individuals to see and view an electronic screen at the same time including emails, follow sat-nav etc.

google glasses showing user viewing and following sat nav images through glasses

Why the hype for Digital Marketing?

The promotional mix techniques  are dominated by Digital Marketing tools as both SME’s and Multinational organisations use the above tools and techniques to market their products/services. I have noticed in my experience that SME’s use predominately email as their primary method of marketing supported by complimentary methods of marketing by using emails to raise awareness, interest from customers. Then SME’s use the telephone to talk one on one directly with customer which is appropriate to provoke action from target audience and help build a relationship (if either party wants one); commonly digital marketing is used to create email campaigns  following a marketing communications strategy compiled by an external marketing or strategy consultant. Included in the emails may be sales promotion to create preference over this product/service compared to competitors which delivers constant results with a high potential ROI as the only cost for email marketing is labour in designing and creating the email to effectively communicate the desired message following the marketing strategy goals.

How do we analyse Email Marketing results!

As the Meerket off Go-compare would say “Simple’s!“. If the respondent clicks on links within the email it is traced until/if customer makes a purchase. This enables businesses to analyse data to investigate why x amount of customers are lost at each stage of the process and address accordingly. The following information can be gathered:

  1. Number of respondents whom unsubscribed
  2. Number of respondents whom subscribed
  3. Links clicked and how many times
  5. Number of unopened emails sent

This leads me to my next point that Digital Marketing has helped form Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and affiliate programs which is an entirely new industry since Amazon launched the first digital marketing affiliate program=High rate of success to say the least.

amazon affiliate program image showing how people who advertise links for Amazon are paid in return

Added benefit of Digital Marketing is that emails can target select market segments utilising company email database that has been segmented perhaps according to age, level of customer loyalty? Now a targeted email can be tailored to each market segment following marketing basics of segmenting, targeting and positioning. This increases user response and most importantly restrains marketer from spamming customers-BIG NO NO! Unfortunately, this ideology of email everyone! Has hampered the Digital Marketing industry by reducing the credibility of emails; however because emails are low-cost and once the email has been created it simply requires a tick of a box to email thousands more customers. See this blog for more info on why not?

What is your view on the use of Digital Marketing? Noticed the rise in marketing on smartphone?


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