SME Digital Marketing Revolution


Pay Per Click (PPC) is in my opinion only suitable for Business-to-consumer (B2C) environments because if you think, which companies actual spend time clicking on adverts while at work? Virtually none!

Furthermore, research has shown that only 20% of traffic is ever generated from PPC. Now consider the alternative digital marketing methods available that are more influential and value for money. Email campaigns are in my opinion the most effective and common for SME’s in both an B2C and Business-to-Business (B2B) environment; used properly the email campaign should integrate with other marketing activities e.g. 20% one day only sale. This promotes good marketing practice by communicating offers to the consumers at a relevant time that correlates with the businesses aim of its marketing.

seo v ppcPPC has a higher cost per customer as opposed to alternative marketing tools; in addition you are likely to outsource PPC to an digital marketing organisation to yield maximum results. However you must be extremely cautious of the organisation chosen because the question of trust between yourself and the PPC organisation is of the up most importance due opportunity to falsify results. In addition there is a number of individuals whom claim they are “digital marketing experts” when they really know bugger all to be honest. This is why i believe the risk and minimal rewards for SME’s conducting PPC is leading the trend for a decline in the number of SME’s conducting PPC. In contrast:

“66% of small businesses planning on spending more on digital marketing”

Suggesting a trend to emphasis being placed on video and email marketing online . Coupled with the fact it costs drastically more to attract new customers than to market to existing customers whom emails you hopefully have previously gained. Why not place the majority of your precious marketing budget on increasing sales revenue from existing customers/ clients- send an targeted email to customers once you have segmented the customer base based on expenditure, age, sex, basket abandonment?

basket abandonment statistics

What do you think of PPC for SME’s? Your experience?



What is your opinion?

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